Study Fashion in Milan

Milan international and monumental city, business center, capital of FASHION and of Italian initiative; Milan is more than a city: it is a trademark. Is in Milan that fashion represents one of the most glamorous realities, where you can discover costume evolution, where the most famous stylists in the world have found their inspiration, flying with fantasy trough the evolving world. More over in Milan anyone, wishing to enter in the fashion world, can find lots of opportunities from stylist to creation, from pattern making to direct sale, from publicity to the marvelous world of models. Milan is young, modern, dynamic… Milan is this….and much, much more… It’s exactly in the heart of Milan, among via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga and via Sant’Andrea, the world’s most exclusive fashion shopping center, where Istituto di Moda Burgo has its headquarters and is been instructing its talented students, in Piazza San Babila, 5.

Study Fashion in ROME

Rome the Eternal City, a meeting place between traditional sartorial, research and experimentation. Important luxury fashion houses were founded in the capital and international brands have opened luxury boutiques and ateliers along the famous Via dei Condotti, via del Corso and via Cola di Rienzo …

Rome is art, fashion, culture and cinema, an international scenario for a wide and varied audience. Rome is full of incentive and opportunities: incredible monuments and art works at every corner of the city. In Rome, fashion finds different working outlets, from the world of entertainment, to cinema and theater.
Students who decide to attend the summer school at Istituto di Moda Burgo will live a unique experience: a stay in Rome that combines Italian fashion, art and culture.

Istituto di Moda Burgo is located in the wonderful historical center, in Lungotevere dei Mellini 44.

Fernando Burgo and the stylist Roberto Cavalli

Fernando Burgo

The Italian school was founded by the publisher Fernando Burgo that thanks to an experience of more than half a century in the fashion world (1961), has brought real experiences and successful to the school system, grown together with fashion development.

The fashion summer study in Italy offers advanced systems search and at the same time confirms ,every year, the introduction of graduate students in the fashion industry. To study in Italy means to have teachers selected from the best ateliers in Milan, the same teachers that with their innovative ideas have attributed to the different and advanced study abroad program.

In the world today more than 100,000 people use the method of Istituto di Moda Burgo.

Istituto di Moda Burgo

Istituto di Moda Burgo


Istituto di Moda Burgo, international leader in fashion education, has developed a training method aimed to optimize and emphasize learning efficiency, having as main objective the inclusion of its students into the labour market.

In a market situation gradually expanding to foreign countries, Istituto di Moda Burgo offers the opportunity to acquire and/or improve the technical, artistic and professional skills, thus improving the professionalism, both in business and private sectors. The teaching method used is at the forefront of modern active learning and ensures the achievement of a sound knowledge of the fashion industry.

The teachers, strictly selected with care and highly skilled, they are trained in the use of the methodology and constantly updated.