Al Mansour Nadia Hassan 3

Alsulami Hassna Nahir M

Course: Stylist 100 hours
Nationality: Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

quote leftIt was a great experience. I learned how to draw and how to make a pattern. The teachers are good and supportive. I improved in different things. Definitely I’m going to take another course next summerquote right


Obam Catherine Mukonyo Nzuki3

Obam Catherine Mukonyo Nzuki

Course: Wedding Dress 100 hours
Nationality: Nairobi (Kenya)

quote leftThe summer course was intense and very good. I managed to learn a lot in a very short time. Every day was a learning experience. I learned new ways to do things. My teacher Stefania was very helpful. She had a lot of knowledge on pattern making.  It was a good experience.quote right



Castaneda Guadalupe

Course: Beach Wear 100 hours
Nationality: California (USA)

quote leftThe summer course at Istituto di Moda Burgo helped me to perfect and learn new skills in pattern rafting swimwear. The teachers are very helpful and aid you achieve your personal learning objectives. The school provides a great opportunity to network with fellow classmates which are from all over the world with different interests in the fashion industry. I have met students from Kenya, Turkey, Indonesia just to name a few. The course is fast pace which is great for those of us who like to be kept busy and the teachers are there for one on one help.quote right



Sandu Simona Rodica

Course: Stylist 100 hours
Nationality: Suceava (Romania)

quote leftMy first impression was a professional and serious school. Infact the staff  was very helpful and friendly and the teachers were really professional and inspire confidence. Even if only for a month, I learned a lot: design and pattern making techniques. I recommend this course to any person interested in deepen their knowledge in this field.quote right


Chen Zhuoyi1

Chen Zhuoyi

Course: Stylist 100 hours
Nationality: Shifang City (China)

quote leftThis summer course was very helpful both the provided text book, the program and the teacher gave clean instruction. I had the chance to try a variety of techniques in different classes. I joined valid experience and I feel with doing another summer course at “Istituto di Moda Burgo”.quote right


Gong Shihan1

Gong Shihan

Course: Wedding Dress Pattern making
Naionality: China

quote leftThe summer program at Istituto di Moda Burgo is very comprehensive and I has been able to learn it in a short time. In addition, the teacher was very efficient, always available and her explanations were very clear. I'm glad I attended this school.quote right

Oral Deniz2

Oral Deniz

Course: Beach Wear Pattern Making  50 hours
Nationality: Turkey

quote leftI just graduated in Fashion Design but I wanted to deepen my studies in Beach wear pattern making. The summer course at Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan is short but I was able to learn a lot of pattern making. It has been very interesting and I learned in a short time "Istituto di Moda Burgo" program that I recommend to anyone who wants to take part of this world.quote right


Beyzade Ozan 3

Özan Beyzade

Course: Pattern Making 50 hours
Nationality: Cyprus

quote leftThe summer course at Istituto di Moda Burgo helped me to learn new skills and different techniques of pattern making in very short time. It was really helpfull and a great experience for me. I fell more confident creating new designs. My teacher Stefania was very helpful and professional. I highly recommend this course to those who really want to learn it deeper in a professional way.quote right

no photo

Francesca Venuti

Course: Pattern Making
Nationality: Gorizia (Italy)

quote leftThe Pattern Making Summer Course has been a positive and exciting experience. The excellent reputation of the school has been fully confirmed by the high professionalism of Teresa, the teacher who followed me. I have always worked in the graphics and I was completely lay in patterns and sewing machine but I was able to learn a lot and I realize some heads of underwear. I am passionate to the point of deciding to attend yet another course of pattern making in September.quote right

Ferrero Daniel 5

Daniel Ferrero

Course: Pattern Making
Nationality: Colombo (Sri Lanka)

quote leftThe Istituto di Moda Burgo is an excellent school, in particular, for who seek the perfection or the teaching of pattern making and tailoring. A school well-formed by the necessary equipment of the trade. In addition, the text book "Il Modellismo Sartoriale" is great and complete so much so that I use it even outside for personal projects.quote right


no photo

Xiao Bin Xu

Course: Shoes Design
Nationality: China

quote leftThe teachers are very kind and have rich experience and develop skills. The course content has been very interesting.quote right

michelle riff7

Michelle Riff

Course: Fashion Design
Nationality: New York (USA)

quote leftThe summer course at Istituto di Moda Burgo has been an amazing experience and helped me a lot to grow so much as an artist. The staff has been very helpful and kind.quote right

no photo

Fares Abed El Rahman

Course: Fashion Design
Nationality: Israele

quote leftIt has been an amazing experience. The course was so professional, the teachers were so supportive and talented. It was a short time at IMB but I managed to learn a lot. Best school, great teachers and perfect location.quote right


no photo

Angela Stella Valerio

Course: Fashion Stylist
Nationality: Penne, Pescara (Italy)

quote leftI enrolled to this course for my passion. At this school, I found teachers who enjoyed their work and I think it is the trump card for this type of activity. I will go on my experience in this institute that, in such a short time, has taught me so much about a world that I love.quote right

no photo

Gabriela Pardo De Andrade Aljure

Course: Woman Wear Pattern Making 
Nationality: Colombia

quote leftI enrolled to IMB Summer Course as a fashion designer student that knows nothing about pattern making. IMB helped me to gain knowledge of pattern making and also of how to sew. My teacher Stefania was exceptional, now I’m sure that it is one of the best school to learn pattern making.quote right


Schrantz Elizabeth Marie 11

Elizabeth Schrantz

Course: Shoes Design 
Nationality: Oklahoma City, USA

quote leftAfter this class my drawing skills greatly improved. Giovanni, my teacher, has been very helpful and supportive of my designs. I learned how to properly color a design and how to present it in a professional manner.quote right

no photo

Giulia Vergagni

Course: Woman's Wear Pattern Making 
Nationality: Milano (Italy)

quote leftI state that I am a self-taught beginner who is entering the world of modeling and tailoring, I am very satisfied with this short but intense course which provided me with a general understanding regarding the technique. This course has strengthened my interest thanks to the expert guidance and very capable of Teresa, my teacher. A course which I would recommend to heart!quote right

Eid Amal Mohamed Ali Mohamed13 altra

Amal Eid

Course: Fashion Stylist
Nationality: Kuwait

quote leftI enjoyed a lot the summer course: the class, the teachers, the new techniques and friends. Eleonora and Stefania have been great teachers and I learned new techniques, for sure I will come again.quote right


Cottone Francesca 14

Francesca Cottone

Course: Fashion Stylist
Nationality: Macerata (Italy)

quote leftI had a great time at this school where I noticed the care with which the subjects are taught. The teachers are precise both as regards the pattern making, both the drawing. I learned in a short time a new method. I'm very satisfied!quote right

Rao Giulia 15

Giulia Rao

Course: Fashion Stylist
Nationality: Catania (Italy)

quote leftInformative, memorable and basic. Istituto di Moda Burgo has left its mark. It’s essential for all those interested in the world of fashion. I am pleased to have shared this time with the teachers, the staff and the classmates all with the same interest: fashion.quote right

Lamparzer Assell Ibrayeva 16

Assel Lamparzer Ibrayeva

Course: Fashion Design
Nationality: Kazakhstan

quote leftI found this course very interesting, informative and intensive. Basically you work by yourself and under constant super vision of your teacher. After two weeks you have a lot of works and knowledge which you can use afterwards in future. I liked most fashion marketing seminary Super presentation! Compliments!quote right

Chuzhkova Natalia 17

Chuzhkova Natalia

Course: Woman Wear Pattern Making 
Nationality: Russia

quote leftThe course met my expectations. I certainly expanded my knowledge that were just basic.quote right

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